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Fine design jewelry (66)

Exquisite jewelry made with crystals. Our jewelry is made of high quality metal alloy and are plated with 18K or 14K Platinum, Rose Gold or Gold, which would not fade for a long time. Moreover, wearing our products would not cause skin infection upon wearing.

Natural stones jewelry (91)

Handmade jewelry from natural stones and materials. Each element and combination of color and semi-precious stones are carefully selected. The jewelry is made with lots of love and agate, jasper, carnelin, quartz, avanturine, aquamarine and many others - suitable for the different zodiac signs and bearing their unique features

Style and elegance - jewelry with zirconia crystals (58)

Stylish women jewelry with zirconia crystals. All the pieces are made of high quality, nickel-free jewelry alloy with 18K or 14K white, yellow or rose gold plating.

Amare - fine pearl jewelry (12)

Creation of stunning elegance and captivating originality that you will always cherish. Jewelry made with synthetic pearls, which are nickel and lead free, do not cause any skin infections or fade. 


Jewelry with Stellux crystals (5)

These pieces of jewelry are with fine Austrian Stellux crystals. Made of high quality nickel and lead free alloy, plated with quality 18K rose, white or yellow gold. Top grade jewelry which would not fade for a long time, or cause any skin infections. Suitable for every taste or occasion.   

Stainless steel jewelry (10)

Jewlery pieces made of high quality stainless steel and are nickel-free with white or yellow gold plating.

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